Which is better: male candidosis medicine or male contraceptive pills?

By Michael E. BrownThe Independent The male contraceptive pill has a long and storied history in the treatment of male reproductive problems.But its popularity has dropped sharply in recent years as many doctors and scientists say it has been ineffective for men who are trying to conceive.In the United States, the Pill has been a…

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By Michael E. BrownThe Independent The male contraceptive pill has a long and storied history in the treatment of male reproductive problems.

But its popularity has dropped sharply in recent years as many doctors and scientists say it has been ineffective for men who are trying to conceive.

In the United States, the Pill has been a top choice for many men with a history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

But some scientists say its effectiveness is waning.

The male contraceptive, or Plan B One-Step, has been the best-selling male contraceptive in the United Kingdom for the past four years, according to the British Medical Journal.

The Pill has more than 4.2 million users in the UK and has been available for over a year, but there is concern that it is not effective for all men.

The UK government says there is no evidence that the Pill is effective for men with sexually transmitted disease (STD).

But it said the pill should not be made available to anyone who is not healthy.

The British National Health Service (NHS) said it is committed to working with health professionals to address the issue of male contraception and is working with industry to develop more effective products.

The Pill has gained popularity in recent decades.

It is sold by CVS, Walgreens and several other drugstores and is a must-have for many couples.

The pill has been shown to reduce male sexual dysfunction, improve erectile function and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

But there is growing concern that the pill has not been effective for most men with STDs, and that the current version is not working for all.

Dr Matthew Garton, a professor of medicine at King’s College London, said there is increasing evidence that there is a problem with the effectiveness of the Pill for men.

He said there are no clear-cut guidelines to help men who want to get pregnant, and many men who have had meningitis are taking the Pill as it is.

“The only way to get a positive response is to use it for as long as possible, but it can be extremely difficult for men to do that.”

So if we’re talking about the Pill, it should be considered to be a good product for a good number of people, not just for the ones who are desperate for a pregnancy,” he said.

The use of the pill, which contains a synthetic form of progesterone, has also been associated with a high rate of infection, including HPV infections, which are very common among young men in the US and Europe.

But Dr Garton said the benefits of using the pill were still unclear.”

It’s possible that some men who would benefit from the Pill may actually benefit from taking a progesterol blocker and having a condom,” he explained.”

For other men who can’t tolerate the pill and are using a progestin, the pill could be beneficial.

“But I don’t think that’s been proven.

If you take a progestsone blocker, it might make things worse for you and your partner, but you’re not getting the same benefits.”

Dr Garton added that the male contraceptive could be the best option for men that are trying for a baby.

“In the short term, I think it’s a great option for guys who are wanting a child and the Pill works well,” he added.

“However, the long-term benefits of taking the pill in the future are less clear.”‘

No clear-cuts’ to improve male contraceptive effectivenessDr Garten said there was growing recognition that the pills effectiveness is a function of how often the Pill was taken, and how often it was used, and also the type of treatment.

He said there were no clear cut guidelines for how often to take the Pill or how often a progestersone blocker should be used.

“You’re looking at a spectrum, so for men at the extremes of one end of the spectrum, there are benefits from taking the product daily,” he told the BBC.

“If they take the pill every day and that’s the way you want to treat your condition, then the Pill’s benefits are very strong.”

There’s also some evidence that it has an effect on erectile functioning, so that could be very important.

“But Dr Gillan said there should be a clear cut approach to assessing the effectiveness.”

What we need to do is to look at the pill’s side effects and the risk and benefits of the product.

If a man is taking a pill daily for 30 days and it has the risk or benefit of causing erectile dysfunction, then that should be taken into account,” he noted.”

And that means that the question should be: what is the dose that is being used?

“If you take the most effective dose that you can, then you should be fine, but if you take more than that, then maybe it’s time to take another pill, but again, that needs to be assessed.”

He added that male contraceptive users should be educated

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