When Malar is the cure for male baldness

Male baldness is an important problem in India and its impact can be seen in all parts of the country.In rural areas, it is common to find men in their 30s and 40s who have lost more than 50% of their facial hair.In urban areas, the same situation is present, especially in the larger cities,…

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Male baldness is an important problem in India and its impact can be seen in all parts of the country.

In rural areas, it is common to find men in their 30s and 40s who have lost more than 50% of their facial hair.

In urban areas, the same situation is present, especially in the larger cities, where men can be found with as much as 30% of the bald head.

This condition can lead to chronic pain, irritability, sleep disturbance, and depression, among other problems.

Malar is a medicine that helps restore the facial hair to its original appearance.

This can be done by a prescription from a doctor or by buying the product online from the online pharmacy.

A patient can then apply it to the scalp with a brush.

Malaria is endemic in India.

The prevalence of this mosquito-borne disease is increasing, and the Indian government has declared Malar as a global public health emergency.

It has taken the right measures to combat this disease.

India is one of the countries where Malar can be purchased.

This is especially true in rural areas where there are a number of Malar-infected men.

The use of Malaria-resistant drugs in India has become an important issue.

A few years ago, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, headed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, launched the “Malar Treatment Program”.

Under the programme, doctors are trained to prescribe Malar for men in need of treatment.

However, many doctors, including doctors of private medical colleges, have switched to the use of the medication, according to the government.

According to the World Health Organization, malar can reduce the rate of male infertility by 80%.

There are also studies that show that Malar therapy can reduce male hair loss by as much over 60%.

The National Health Council, a government body, has made it mandatory for doctors to prescribe malar to men in its treatment plans.

Malar also helps in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by baldness.

Malaria has also been used in the treatment of various skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatitis.

The treatment is prescribed by a doctor with a prescription and it is not available at any other clinic.

According the ministry of health, there are more than 1.5 lakh Malar prescriptions issued by the government in the country, which amounts to about 4% of all prescriptions.

There are currently over 1,000 Malar medicines in pharmacies.

The ministry of public health is looking into ways to make the drug available through the national pharmacy.

Dr. Srinivas Reddy, director of the Malar Treatment Programme, said that the government is actively promoting the use and availability of Malars.

“We are looking at ways to distribute the medication through pharmacies to help prevent the misuse of the drug,” he said.

Dr Reddy also pointed out that Malars are not only a prescription medicine, but a preventive medicine that can be used as a preventive treatment for many diseases.

“It has a great effect on reducing the incidence of various diseases, especially hair loss,” he added.

Malars can also be prescribed to women in the women’s group for a few days, in order to help them reduce their number of menstrual periods.

The drugs are also available through pharmacies in rural and urban areas.

The government has also taken the initiative to make it easier for men to get prescriptions for Malar, and to facilitate the supply of the drugs.

“The supply of prescription medicine is also easy and the prices are low,” Dr Reddy said.

The Malar program has also provided more than 200,000 patients access to Malar medication through the Indian Red Cross.

According a spokesperson for the Ministry, the government has started a Malar treatment programme for the general population, and is planning to extend it to those who are vulnerable to malar and other skin diseases.

He also added that the ministry is looking at different ways to reach out to women and men with different skin conditions.

“In order to reduce the number of malar cases, we are making Malar available through national pharmacies through the government,” the spokesperson said.

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