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Male hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, are supposed to make men and women different.But, as many men have found out, male hormone therapy (MHT) can be quite dangerous.Male-tomale (MtF) medicine, or male-female medicine, can make the process of sex reassignment easier and more comfortable.Male MtF medicine is used for people who are transgender, intersexed, or…

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Male hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, are supposed to make men and women different.

But, as many men have found out, male hormone therapy (MHT) can be quite dangerous.

Male-tomale (MtF) medicine, or male-female medicine, can make the process of sex reassignment easier and more comfortable.

Male MtF medicine is used for people who are transgender, intersexed, or gender variant, as well as for people with or without a gender dysphoria, or lack of gender identity.

Male hormone therapies (MTH) have been used to treat menopausal, postmenopausal, and postmenstrual syndrome (PMS) conditions, including acne and acne scars.

They can also treat prostate cancer, which has been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Some of these men are taking MHT as well.

Some believe that MtF can actually help men and masculinize them, and some are using MHT to treat conditions like psoriasis and psoropharyngitis.

MHT is not a replacement for traditional male-male therapy, which is generally more expensive and not always effective, said Dr. Jeffrey S. Johnson, a professor of gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center and an associate clinical professor at the Mayo Clinic.

There are some advantages to using MTH, but it can also lead to side effects, such as elevated blood pressure and depression.

Here are some other things to consider when choosing male hormone treatment.

Male testosterone levels are highest in the evening, and men tend to have higher rates of depression and anxiety.

Many male hormone treatments don’t work well in the morning, and may not be helpful in the long term.

Some men are concerned about getting erections during MHT therapy, because testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, which can lead to erectile atrophy, or reduced sexual desire.

Dr. Johnson recommends that men with low testosterone levels stop taking testosterone therapy and monitor their testosterone levels, even if they have no symptoms.

This could help to prevent erectile problems.

Some MHT treatments also contain synthetic testosterone, which isn’t as effective at stimulating testosterone production.

This is because testosterone is a hormone, not a chemical compound.


Johnson and Mark C. Williams, a medical director at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Medical Centre and a consultant to NewYork’s health department, said that testosterone is usually used to help men who are overweight or obese.

They said that if a man has an enlarged prostate, or has a prostate cancer or other problem, or if he is using testosterone for other medical reasons, he should talk with his doctor about using MNT as an alternative.

Other side effects of MHT include increased risk for breast cancer and prostate cancer if the treatment is continued.

If you’re unsure about a man’s testosterone level, talk to your doctor, or visit a gynecologist for more information about what to expect during the MHT process.

It is important to talk to a gynecolist or doctor before taking testosterone treatment, especially if your symptoms are related to a disease like psoriatic arthritis, or have other medical conditions, such the risk of heart disease or diabetes.

The side effects from MHT can also be a problem if you take it too frequently.

For instance, men who have been taking MTH too frequently may experience a decrease in libido, and a decrease of sex drive.

However, if you have a normal testosterone level and have not taken any testosterone supplements or other medications for years, you may be at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer later in life, said John L. St. Pierre, MD, a specialist in gynecologic oncology at the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston and a medical oncologist.

Dr Williams said that when testosterone is used too frequently, it can lead a man to become hyperaggressive, aggressive and even violent.

If your symptoms aren’t improving, you should seek treatment.

Some doctors say that testosterone therapy can be harmful, because it can be used as a substitute for men’s other primary care physicians, including physical therapists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and obstetricians.

Dr Johnson said that some gynecologists are using testosterone treatments to treat prostate issues, but the treatments may not work in men with a history of cancer or cancer related symptoms.

And, Dr Williams noted, a few doctors have reported a spike in testosterone levels after treating men with prostate cancer for a while.

Dr C. Scott Fennell, MD is a professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

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