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Female erection medicine and female power medicine are two male-specific treatments that use male hormones to treat men with erectile dysfunction.But some of the newer treatments may be unsafe, according to the FDA.Fox News’ Dr. Drew Pinsky, who was recently diagnosed with meningitis, explains why the male erection medicine is not safe.Dr. Drew: So this…

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Female erection medicine and female power medicine are two male-specific treatments that use male hormones to treat men with erectile dysfunction.

But some of the newer treatments may be unsafe, according to the FDA.

Fox News’ Dr. Drew Pinsky, who was recently diagnosed with meningitis, explains why the male erection medicine is not safe.

Dr. Drew: So this is something that has been discussed for quite a while, and there are many companies out there that are trying to make it safe.

So there’s this idea that male erection therapy, when you use testosterone, is somehow more effective than placebo.

And it’s kind of the opposite of that.

But the idea behind male erection is that if you use a male hormone, you can control your ejaculate.

And so testosterone can affect how much ejaculate you ejaculate, which could be related to your risk of getting a urinary tract infection.

So this has been studied extensively and this has become a big issue.

And there are some serious concerns with this treatment.

It’s very, very risky.

So if you’re interested in male erection, you should be careful.

It may not be a cure.

It could be a really, really bad thing.

Fox’s Dr. Jennifer Salter, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, explains what the medical industry has to say.


“Dr. Jennifer: I think this is just another example of a marketing campaign that’s just trying to convince us that the products are more effective and more effective, but there is no evidence that it is.

This has been marketed as the solution to erectile problems.

And they’re using the word “male,” “male” or “male power.”

And that’s not accurate.

Male ejaculate is actually made up of about 40% female hormones, and these are the same hormones that we’re putting into our bodies when we have a prostate cancer diagnosis.

So that’s a really important distinction.

And I think there are plenty of companies that are using this as a marketing ploy to sell these products.

And we have to be clear about this.

I think the meningococcal meningovirus vaccine, the vaccine, is the only vaccine that is available to prevent meningitic meningosum infections.

And you can’t get meningosectomy, which is a surgical procedure that basically removes the male prostate.

And that procedure has only been used in the United States for about three years.

So it’s been a really long time.

And meningoblastomas are caused by the same viruses that cause meningitis.

So we don’t have any other way to treat these meningotis.

Fox hosts discuss this vaccine on Monday’s edition of “Fox & Friends.”

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